FAQ's and Small Print


Do you do bespoke wedding stationery designs?
Unfortunately we do not take on bespoke wedding stationery designs at the moment but all of our 'off the peg' designs are fully customisable. We can alter the colours to suit your day and the fonts if you'd like to change them. We can also mix and match, so for example, if you like our 'Leaf and Berry' wreath but want to add some pink flowers, just let us know as most of our designs can be adapted. 

I like one of your designs, but it's not exactly what I want, can you alter it by mixing and matching?
If you like one of our designs or maybe you like a few and want to incorporate them into each other, just email us your idea so we can see if it’s possible and give you a design/artwork cost. Please try and explain clearly what you want when you email us. 

Can I change the colour of the design?

Do you do foiling
We can produce a wide variety of coloured foiling.

Do you do debossing/embossing?

What is foil blocking?
Foil blocking (or hot metal foiling) is when a metal block is produced of the artwork (in negative) and acid etched into the magnesium or brass die. This is then heated up on a foiling press and used to stamp the foil onto the card, leaving a light impression which is often desired (heavy impressions are not). It is good for 'generic' items such as invitations where the artwork doesn't change but not for items like place name cards where each name is different. It is the highest quality process for foiling and requires a lot of set up time and make readies. This is why the turnaround time is around 15 working days or more. Heavier stocks and textured cards can be used with this method.

What is toner foiling?
Toner foiling is a cheaper way of adding foil to a design but is not as good quality as foil blocking and coverage isn’t always perfect. Black toner/laser ink is printed onto a sheet (usually a silk card or paper, not uncoated or textured) with foil laid on top, then run through a heat source such as a laminator which heats up the carbon in the ink and allows the foil to fuse to it. It's good for personalised items such as place name cards and table name cards but the results are not as good as foil blocking. Sometimes there may be small patches of the black toner ink that show through. This is completely normal with this type of foiling and should be considered a minor downside to a cheaper process. There is no choice in paper stocks for this process, we can only use silk card which is white with a slight sheen to it. We can also matt or velvet laminate the card.

Do you supply embellishments?
We do not supply ribbon, string or embellishments such as crystals and bows, these are shown in some photographs but are for illustrative purposes only.

Can I change the typeface of the design?

What is ‘artwork’ and what is the artwork charge for?
The designs on our website are templates that we have created which we personalise with your details. This personalisation is a chargeable service we call ‘artwork’. The cheapest artwork charge is to simply supply us with your finalised wording which we can then typeset into the templated design. However, if you want to change the colours and fonts, the artwork charge will be slightly higher. Generally the more changes that are made to the template, the more the artwork costs. We do not do 'mock ups' unless the client has agreed to the written quote including artwork charges. We generally aim to get artwork back to the client within 3 working days but during busier times please allow up to 5 working days.

How do I start the process of ordering my stationery?
You can start by emailing us which design you're interested in, any colour changes you may want to make and other useful details, such as:
- Do you need both day & evening invitations? 
- Do you need RSVP cards and/or guest information cards?
- What format do you want them to be – i.e. flat, folded, gatefold, double or single sided, size - A6, A5, DL, square…
- Quantity of each item
- If envelopes are required

Once I agree to a written quote what happens next?
Once we’ve emailed you a written quote, if you are happy to go ahead and place the order we will then set up the artwork and email you back PDF’s to view onscreen. You can then check over the details and email us back with any corrections you want to make.
Our quote for artwork allows for ONE set of amends to be made. Please note that amends thereafter will be charged at £10 per set. 

How long does the artwork take to set up?
If you supply FINALISED wording that needs little or few amends the process is very quick. Depending on our workload your artwork can usually be set up within 3-10 working days of agreeing to the quote. If lots of amends are needed and the PDF's go back and forth this will obviously add to the time. 

How long does it take to get my invitations?
Once the artwork/PDF proofs are signed off, we can usually work to a 7 working day turnaround for digital print, 15 working days for letterpress/foiling. Sometimes this may be a little quicker. We will always do our best to keep to the specified turnaround times. Occasionally however we may need extra time to order in specific card & paper stocks and this can increase turnaround time. Please also allow 2 working days for delivery.

Do you do samples?
If you email us with details of the design/s you are interested in and your address we will post you unpersonalised samples FREE OF CHARGE. (Usually an invitation, if available an RSVP card or Save the Date card.) Samples can usually be posted very quickly, within a few days or so, but if we are out of stock please allow up to 2 weeks for these to arrive as we may need to reprint. Unfortunately we can't send out personalised samples. Foiled samples cannot be personalised or printed in specific foil on specific card. Further samples can be sent at a cost of £5.00 P&P. (Please note: sometimes variations in colours between samples and proofs can change depending on what printing press and stock has been used. If a digital printer hasn't been calibrated the colour will be slightly different to if it has been calibrated. If different digital presses are used the colours will be slightly different too. Please use samples as a general guide to colour but if colour is crucial, please request a printed hard copy on the stock quoted before you place the whole order, to ensure you are completely satisfied.)

How much and how long does it take to deliver my order?
We use DPD couriers to deliver our wedding stationery and find them the best and most reliable service. Once your order has been paid for and is on the courier, you will receive an email (usually on the day of delivery) allowing you to track your order. Please allow 2 days for delivery on top of the print turnaround time. Delivery to one UK address is between £18 - £25. Please note – weekend deliveries are charged at a premium rate. If you miss your delivery the courier will attempt to redeliver the next day. If you miss this delivery it will generally be returned to us. We cannot accept responsibility for customers missing their deliveries and orders being returned.

Can I see a printed proof before placing the entire order?
Yes. (For foiled stationery, flat digital proofs will be supplied, NOT foiled.)
We will print ONE piece of stationery (such as an invitation or an RSVP card) FREE OF CHARGE. This is for the client to check they are happy with the colours and card/paper stock. (Table plans or one off signage/posters not included) Please note: files will look different on screen (iphone, ipad, computer monitor) because they are RGB. Once printed, colours ‘flatten off’ so will not be exactly the same as they look on screen. Paper colour can also affect printed colours, a white paper will give a truer colour whilst an ivory or cream paper will result in a slight yellow hue to the ink. Many things can affect print so if colour is critical please request a printed proof on the stock quoted to ensure you are completely satisfied.

Can I see samples of the card you print onto?
We can post you samples of card, just email me your address details.

How do I pay for my order?
Currently we are only taking payments by bank transfer. We will let you know the account details when it comes to paying, this is usually once the artwork is signed off before we book the order in to print.

The small print
Artwork costs are based on using one template design from our website, the client supplying finalised wording in a digital format such as a PDF, Word or Excel Doc and allows for one set of amends. Amends thereafter will be charged at £10 per set so please ensure your wording is accurate to avoid additional artwork charges. The responsibility of signing off digital proofs to print lies firmly with the client, so please ensure you thoroughly check all your proofs. Altering website templates such as colours, fonts and format may result in additional artwork costs. Once the quote has been accepted we will set up your artwork and email you PDF proofs to view onscreen. We do not ask for a deposit up front but if you decide not go ahead, once the artwork has been created, we kindly ask that you pay for the artwork charge/s on the items that have been completed. Lovestruck Stationery do not supply ribbon, twine or embellishments. Stationery items such as Invitations, RSVP, Guest Information etc are supplied as individual elements, not bundled unless stated. Regarding quantities, please order a few more than you think you will need as it's not cost effective to order small quantities at a later date. Colours may vary slightly from onscreen to print. If colour is critical, please request a proof printed on the stock quoted to ensure complete satisfaction (excludes table plans). Quote is valid for 30 days.

Artwork Disclaimer

  • Whilst we do our very best to ensure all amendments have been made to any artwork, please be aware that the responsibility of signing off PDF artwork to print, lies firmly with the client.

  • Please check your PDF proofs thoroughly before giving the go ahead to print......AND THEN CHECK THEM ONCE MORE!

  • If a mistake should be spotted in the artwork after it has been signed off, don’t panic, sometimes we can catch it before it’s put on the press and stop the job.

  • If we’re too late, we kindly ask that the client pay for the re-print of their job, which will be done as a matter of urgency once the artwork files have been amended and approved.

We hope you appreciate & understand.
Many Thanks,
The Lovestruck Stationery team.